Anne Cambon-Thomsen, head of research for epidemiology and public health at CNRS :

You are « the champion » of ESOF 2018; what does this represent?

I spearheaded the collective mobilisation for this whole project. Scientists, politicians and industrialists came together under the banner of the Federal University and I coordinated Toulouse’s bid. I currently direct the ESOF 2018 team.

What advantages have you highlighted?

In order to earn the title of « European City of Science », it was important to highlight the wealth and variety of disciplines taught or researched across our area, the international reputation of our laboratories, the quality and quantity of local business dealing in cutting edge technologies, etc. Our general savoir-faire when it comes to the discussion and popularisation of science.

What will you do with this title after 2018?

Since the award of this title was announced in 2014, for example, we have worked towards promoting encounters between scientists and students. This dynamic will go even further than that: we expect to help Toulouse and its scientific, technological and business community – ESOF provides an incomparable showcase for them- benefit from the results of this event in the longer term.

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