Biotechnology, artificial intelligence, Nano robots… the exhibition #HumainDemain, at the Quai des Savoirs, lets you explore current research and give your own opinion on the type of future that this research heralds!

Re-programme your DNA, increase your strength with an exoskeleton, benefit from augmented hearing… What if this became accessible to everyone tomorrow? Unique in France, the #HumainDemain exhibition, co-produced with Le Muséum, invites you to project yourself into the near future by exploring the latest technological advances made at laboratories in the fields of health and the human body. Stroll through the spaces devoted to five different themes (« Robots and artificial intelligence at your service », « Re-programme your DNA, eradicate diseases and extend your life », « Fully-connected! », etc.) so that you can get the measure of technical and scientific innovations that are often truly astonishing.

Choose your future

Even better! Thanks to a connected bracelet provided, you can take on the role of an inventor and select the innovations you would support from among those presented in the galleries.

Data collected from this bracelet will then be used to determine the innovations that have been most popular with visitors: funny short animated films will then present them in order to illustrate the various futures that they predict. Repaired, hacked, genetically modified… how far will you go?

From 16/02 to 02/09

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