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5 places
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5 places

of scientific culture

Le Quai des Savoirs – Toulouse

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The Quai des Savoirs is a place of scientific discovery and awakening for all visitors, even the very young!

With a varied and multi-disciplinary programme, featuring exhibitions, shows, workshops, courses, hands-on experiences and meetings with researchers, there is always something happenings at the Quai des Savoirs. Here you can find areas for experimentation and encounters, a large exhibition hall covering 800m², the Café du Quai and the Quai des Petits for children under 7.

Upon entering the reception hall, you find numerous interactive features that can be browsed freely and allow you to be amazed and to question local research and innovations. In the hands-on hall you can experiment with science and its effects yourself. It is home to original exhibitions that invite visitors to explore what happens behind the scenes in laboratories and innovative companies. The exhibition hall is the largest of its kind in Toulouse, with 800m² devoted to life-sized quarterly exhibitions on scientific and technical culture.

The Quai des Petits is an area devoted to under-7s and allows them to discover what science can teach them about the world, focusing on play, experimentation, listening and observing.

At the Quai des Savoirs, researchers, engineers, businesses, associations, artists and educators all cross paths. From these encounters a great many actions are born that centre on creativity, mediation and participatory science. A reservoir of activities of all types, the Quai des Savoirs reveals the latest technological advances and explains industrial crafts so that we can understand and work together to build the society of tomorrow from a very young age, making use of knowledge, learning and skills whilst developing our own curiosity and imagination.

Come and participate in the innovations of the future!

Museum – Toulouse

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An exhibition at the heart of living things

Step back in time and set off to explore the very first species at Le Muséum… Delve into the heart of natural history and living things will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Discover the secrets of living things

Set off on an expedition in Le Muséum and go back to the origins of living things!

In the heart of Toulouse, within the garden quarter, Le Muséum unveils the secrets of the living world and the relationships that link Mankind and Nature.

How old is the Earth? What are the effects of a seismic shock? What does a giant squid look like? From floor to ceiling Le Muséum will provide the answers to these questions…and many more besides!

Upon entry you will be greeted by Punch the elephant and Twiga the giraffe. If you lift your gaze you can also see the skeleton of a Quetzalcoatlus with its great wings spread.

Your expedition in Le Muséum takes in a number of spaces focusing on the following themes:

Earth: forces, movements, energies.
Living things: diversity, classification, organisation.
Life through time: continuity, rupture, life forces.
The needs of mankind: the major functions of living things.
Life tomorrow? Learn and act now.

Numerous workshops are available for children. Please find out more before your visit.

La Cité de l’espace – Toulouse

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The Cité de l’Espace opens its doors to the infinite and the extraordinary!

Discover real spacecraft, train like an astronaut, travel to the edge of the cosmos, admire space treasures and uncover all the secrets of space… With 2500 m² of exhibitions, 5 hectares of gardens, IMAX cinema on a giant screen, planetarium and simulators, exploring space and the marvels of the Universe has never been so easy!

In 2018, astronauts will be in the spotlight at Cité de l’Espace


Watch French ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet’s recent mission in Space on a giant screen!

The Astronauts exhibition (until 4 novembre 2018)

In Space, astronauts gain several centimetres in height… When in orbit, they witness 16 sunsets a day… They orbit around the Earth at a speed of 28,000km/hr (17,400 miles/hour)…

In Space, nothing is the same as on Earth! With ASTRONAUTS, the new exhibition at Cité de l’Espace, discover the “EXTRA-ordinary” lives of astronauts on board ISS (the International Space Station).

The Runway of Giants – Toulouse

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From December 2018, come and marvel at the fabulous story of the pioneers of Aéropostale, on the very spot where they first took to the skies. The gigantic machines of the La Machine Company will be another treasure of this site.

Expected to open in December 2018.

Photo credit : ©Arotcharen

Aéroscopia – Blagnac

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Experience the aeronautical adventure

Throw open the doors to this museum dedicated to the aeronautical industry and explore the history of aviation thanks to its exceptional collection.

7,000m² devoted to the history of aviation

Aeroscopia offers entertaining and interactive areas, an exhibition of legendary aircraft (Concorde, Caravelle, Super Guppy, A300B…) and exceptional events that are waiting to be discovered.

Built to resemble the fuselage of an airplane, this 7,000m² building devoted to the history of aviation houses an exceptional collection: iconic aircraft, scale models, a large historic mural.

Step aboard legendary aircraft: Concorde, an Airbus A300B with a glass bottom or even the Super Guppy.

Themed interactive spaces also await you: construct an airplane, discover what happens behind the scenes on a flight, step inside aeronautical archaeology…

Visits are suitable for all, independent, guided or video-guided, covering technical, sociological and historical themes.

Prepare your visit with the Aeroscopia app.

The Aeroscopia app gives you information throughout your independent visit and offers you two trails with geolocation facilities. There is even an augmented reality surprise to help you enjoy the visit further!

You can download the app before arrival and use it on site without a connection (67 Mo) :

Find out more

Prepare your stay

Go to https://www.toulouse-visit.com/prepare-your-stay to find all the practical information for preparing your stay in Toulouse: accommodation, tourist office, transport, airport and railway links…